Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Practical spirituality and Tarot Course
with Yvonne De Bruin

So you want to learn about the tarot and don't know where to start?
You've bought yourelf a pack of tarot cards and a book, but just can't fit the pieces together?

During this fun but transformational coure you will learn the meanings of all the cards as well as a number of spreads that you can use in your daily readings.
By the time you have completed this course you will have an understanding of the story that lies within each reading as well as trust yourself enough to do readings with confidence.
We will also do work with the pendulum, psychometry, meditations and more... please see below

Bookings open - Space is limited to 8 people
The tarot is more powerful than you think!
This course will not only help to transform lives
of those around you, but will also facilitate your
own personal inner and outer transformation.
Tarot is a reflection of your mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Working with the tarot allows you to get in touch with the deepest part of yourself and where you are in your life.  As the creator of YOUR own reality, Tarot helps you understand yourself at the most profound level.
Everyone has a story to tell, and the tarot helps us to unfold the stories of people's lives

Venue: Randpark Ridge, Randburg

Dates: The classes run for 8 lessons, every second Saturday from 17 May from 2pm to about 5pm

Classes are limited in size so please book early

Classes are held in a safe and comfortable environment
We will work with the Rider Waite Tarot cards and students will begin to learn the various spreads and do readings for each other from lesson 1.

The Tarot Spreads:

You will learn the following spreads during the course:

Basic 3 and 5 card spread
The year ahead spread
The relationship spread
The four aces spread
The Celtic Cross
The Lost Item Spread
Message from your guides spread

Personal Growth:
By learning more about the tarot cards, you will embark on your own journey of inner healing and growth.

We will do an indepth study of each of the major arcana and minor arcana as well
as meditations and exercises on some of the cards.

You will learn to access your intuition and inner guidance so that you are able to do a
reading with intuitive sight as well as the practical knowledge that you have learnt from the cards.

We will cover various meditations and exercises including, clearing and balancing your energy fields, connecting to your
guides and higher self, colour healing, grounding and centering, accessing your inner healer,
and learning to get a sense of another person's aura so that you can improve your intuitive listening skills.

The course will also cover:

The ethical and moral issues surrounding a reading
Preparing yourself, the reading space and your cards for a reading
Psychometry - picking up energy from jewellry and photographs
Working with the pendulum
The implication of the colours within the tarot
Numerology and the tarot
Timing with tarot
Working with the dowsing rods (each participant will receive their own dowsing rod)

To book for this course, please contact Yvonne at yvonne@spiritualworld.co.za
or Yvonne on 0832584497

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