Friday, 13 February 2015

How intuitive are you?


Intuition is described as a sense of knowing something, without the use of reason or being aware of how we know.  Some believe that it is a message from God, an experience that transcends our physical life.  We often refer to intuition by using words such as “gut feeling” or “that something just felt right”   We receive inspiration when we least expect it - in the shower or whilst sitting quietly, not focusing on a particular problem.  Often we can go to bed with a dilemma and wake up the next morning with the answers.    

By living intuitively we are able to exist in greater harmony with our world.  We call a sick friend or family member when they need us, we avoid dangerous situations, find the right job, meet who we need to meet, and follow a direction in life that is line with our higher purpose.   

Natural healers and psychics base most of their work on intuition.  For some it is a natural born gift and others a talent that develops over time.  We all have an ability to receive premonitions, whether they come about through feelings, pictures, hearing words or a sense of knowing.  With practice, insights may be received in other ways as well.  For example, you may unexpectedly read a something in a book or see a movie that answers a question. 

Developing intuition and receiving inner wisdom is not an overnight process, but takes time and practice.  

In order to access our intuition we have to relax the intellect and mind and direct our attention inwards.  The moment that feelings of doubt, fear, criticism or judgement creep in, we cut ourselves off from intuition.  States of mind such as anger, anxiety, fatigue, and depression also can interfere with intuitive signals and pollute our interpretations. 

Firstly, find a quiet location that you can visit regularly.   Sit comfortably and whilst breathing easily, allow the muscles in your body to relax from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.  When you are complete relaxed, consider your question without expectation or control of the outcome.  Trust that the guidance you need will come to you.  If this method is difficult for you at first, you can begin by taking a pen and paper with you to your special place. Consider your question, wait, and write down any answers that come to mind.  Do not be disheartened if you don’t get the answers straight away.  With continued practice you can improve your sense of intuition.     

Keep a journal and write down all your inspirations and insights so that you can confirm them at a later stage.   If you’re confused or uncomfortable about an outcome, then it isn’t your intuition.     





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